Events in the fashion world never cease. When you think about creative ideas, fabrics produced and colors used, you realize that different combinations occur. If you want to get caught up in the magic of this colorful world and make yourself a special componant of fashion, we would like you to take a look at the color harmony that we will introduce in our article.

There are three main colors accepted in the world. These are red, blue and yellow. By mixing these three primary colors, intermediate colors emerge that the eye can distinguish. The concept we call color emerges when the light is perceived by the retina of the eye as a result of varying the shape of the objects it hits and the angle it comes from. Experts examining the relationship of colors in the world of fashion have revealed that colors are shown in harmony by associating them with the effect of cultural factors, as well as harmonizing it cognitively.

We can also divide colors into warm colors and cool colors. For example, red, yellow, orange and cream are the warm colors. We can give an example the color blue, green and gray to the cold color group.

The thing to consider when making a combination is the use of three colors. Generally, one main and two intermediate colors should be preferred. You can think of black, white and gray as guaranteed colors. Considering that the main colors are limited in number, you can choose all three intermediate colors in combination. Using more than three colors in a combination can cause a crowd that tires the eyes. However, when you combine the color mixtures in some pieces with a plain outfit, a great result comes out. The variety of colors in one piece can be combined with other items with a single color.

In summer, people generally prefer to wear light-colored clothes. White color contains all colors in its essence. In other words, it consists of a mixture of all colors. In summer, the reason why white is preferred is that it reflects all the rays from the sun and keeps people fresh. You can combine white with blue, red and black. White gives a calmness to the harsh transitions of red.

You can combine your blue jeans with a white sweater, shirt, jacket, bralette and shoes. We have nothing to say about the harmony of black and white. We can give the zebra pattern as a prime example. If you want to blend them all together, you can use your daily savior pieces together with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, a black jacket and a red stiletto.

Purple, which is one of the colors formed by the mixture of red and blue, is generally preferred in evening dresses. You can choose a purple evening dress with a beige wedge heels.

You can choose brown with powder color. This season, we will use the shades of brown quite a lot. You can soften your combination with a powder-colored coat.

Black color absorbs all the rays from the sun. This is one of the reasons why dark colors keep the body warm. The classic colors of the winter months are black, mink, khaki, burgundy, mustard, brown and navy blue.

At these times, chirpy colors are preferred in all seasons. The plain colors of the boots, which we prefer more in winter, are replaced by sparkling and eye-catching colors. In the socks that we use more in winter, colorful and visible tones come to the fore.

The most preferred color this winter will be red. In addition, huge bags, corduroy pants, blazer jackets and knitted sweaters will take their place among indispensable items. Finally, we will return to the 90s next winter.

It is important to remember that when contrasting colors are used, a wonderful harmony emerges. For example, when you wear a dark blue trousers with an orange shirt, you will make a contrasting color combination.

There is a 'color wheel' created in daily life. You can use this wheel to combine the right colors. For example, when you use the color you choose in one corner of the color wheel with the color opposite this color, a harmonious combination emerges. You can also get a harmonious outfit if you use a color you choose on the color wheel with the colors that follow the order on the sides. The use of different tones of the same color is also a nice option that is preferred in clothes.

You have learned in general terms about how colors can be used when creating a combination. However, it should not be forgotten that the use of colors is only part of the choice of fashionable clothing.

Each outfit is unique in itself. Although technical information, sensitivity of colors and harmony of fabrics are important in the fashion world, if a person feels good in the clothes they are wearing, there is no need to comment from that point on. Because the most stylish outfit is the one that makes you feel happy.

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