When COVID-19, which had a great impact in the world, started to spread in March 2020, great changes took place in the fashion industry. The global pandemic, announced by WHO in March 2020, turned the fashion world upside down, and events and organizations such as all international fashion shows, fairs, and exhibitions were canceled.

In April 2020, people trying to get used to the quarantine life at home adopted the concept of e-commerce more. They have acquired the habit of shopping online. As a result of the viral "#stayhome" and "#staysafe" tags on social media, the public, who adopted the home life, focused on shopping for sportswear. Also, track suits were called "loungewear".

In the summer of 2020, it is considerably interesting that the sales of hats and glasses have increased in addition to the mask. The rates seen in the sale of sandals and slippers were also quite high.

Digital fashion weeks held in Shanghai, London, New York and Turkey were one of the events that marked 2020.

In 2020, the 90s started to be used again. Especially the shooting of Harry Styles’ poses and Princess Diana's hairstyle became the talk of the period. In 2021, the people, accustomed to comfort, decided to diversify their wardrobe a little more with the arrival of a new year.

In 2021, thick-soled shoes, quilted bags, corsets, super mini skirts, logo clothes with graphic geometric print became the new representative of fashion. According to research from McKinsey & Company, two-thirds of consumers feel that limiting the impact of the fashion industry on climate change is becoming more important now.

With the pandemic, the importance of the concept of sustainability has been on the agenda of the fashion world. Consumers were encouraged to purchase environmentally friendly products in online shopping.

The meeting of the Global Change Award event, which aims to improve the impact of fashion on the planet through innovation, with ideas about sustainable fashion held between countries around the world, shows that everyone takes responsibility to protect the common living conditions. As the Tulo Fashion family, we will share our recycling contributions to the environment with you.

Although the adaptation process of the fashion industry to innovations in order to get rid of the devastating effect of the pandemic is difficult in 2021, we believe that everything will be alright from the beginning of 2022. All brands operating in the fashion industry strive to contribute to innovation. We, as Tulo Fashion family, are proud to share with you our success in digitalization and we are doing our best to celebrate the first minutes of 2022 happily with our clothes.

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